Thursday , June 24 2021

Watch Habib Diallo’s goal: Brest 0-2 Strasbourg (mid-tps)

Efficient in the first period, Strasbourg leads on the Brest pitch (2-0) this Sunday during the 8th round of Ligue 1.

In a balanced start to the game, the two teams showed a shy face with a false start. Despite the impressive contact between Ajorque and Larsonneur, this meeting was struggling to come to life with inaccurate teams as they approached the zone of truth. And on the counterattack, the Alsatians started this game with the opening of Diallo’s scoreboard, with a header from Caci (0-1, 27 ‘).

In reaction, Charbonnier was about to equal the advantage twice, but Kamara made two good saves. Just before the break, Faivre thought about getting a penalty for Brest, but finally his team conceded a penalty with the Fussurier hand signaled by VAR at the start of the action! Against Larsonneur, Lala transformed his attempt with a shot from the right (0-2, 40 ‘).

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