Sunday , March 7 2021

Warm up for Sarri in Chelsea – Football

Mauricio Sarri was left alone with his players for 50 minutes, after Chelsea's defeat at Bournemouth (4-0) to have a frank conversation with their men. Upon leaving the stadium, he also had to explain himself to a disgruntled blues fan.

After an exciting start to the season with the "Sarriball" seal, Chelsea had a much tougher time, symbolized by Wednesday's 4-0 defeat at Bournemouth, which led the Blues to lose the title. Lovely room. Maurizio Sarri did not hide his anger with his players after the defeat suffered for Arsenal (2-0), 10 days ago. This time, the Italian coach locked himself with his men in Vitality Stadium's locker room for a discussion of almost an hour without the other team members. "We talk like men, between the players and the manager ", said the defender Cesar Azpilicueta.

This time, Sarri would not have raised his voice. The former Naples coach would have mainly tried to understand why his players did not respect his instructions, referring to several sequences in which his game plan was not respected. He then asked if anything in his administration explained the fact that his message did not always come close to his players.

More surprisingly, Sarri, after the match, did not return by coach with his players. The Blues coach drove a car to London. According to Daily Mail, was to be quieter to study the tactical reasons for this defeat, the biggest defeat of Chelsea in the Premier League since 1996. But the English newspaper also sees the symbol of the division between the Italian manager and his squad while his speech at a conference about his players, especially when he refers to the case of Eden Hazard (which is not "a leader", according to him), is sometimes quite confusing.

During the match in Bournemouth, Chelsea fans showed their anger against some of Sarri's choices ("You do not know what you're doing"They sang? The main misunderstanding concerns the position of Goalie Kanté, who moves slightly above previous seasons to let Jorginho evolve into his preferred position. Except that the performance of the Italian international, which Sarri has made in his bags of Naples, asks: he is the player who makes more passes in the Premier League, certainly, but he has not yet delivered the less decisive passage.

Leaving the stadium, Sarri had to explain himself to an unhappy Chelsea fan, as we can see in a video of Sun. While the fan evokes a "disgusting, "" the worst " he never saw, Sarri, very calm, apologizes to him. "You're completely right"said the transalpine coach, who may not have heard that the Blues fan, calling him, demanded his resignation.

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