Monday , October 25 2021

Waly Seck, the Senegalese youth is looking for you!


The comments vary from all directions in Waly Seck's costumes to the Dof Ndeye concert. And it's not his first. We remember well the episode of his famous bag. We think it's time for the artist to compose himself.

Waly Seck hits the screen during her show at the Dof Ndeye concert with a very transparent dress. What he does even on the web, some compare his style to that of the musician Titi.

Faramaren did not stop there. He took a video to justify his costumes saying that "Dafma recc".

The son of Thione Seck should know that the Senegalese show-biz is different from what happens on the other side of the world, in the United States, etc. The Senegalese nation has its own realities. And those who break their morals will be drawn by criticism or insult.

In addition, Waly should know that he has innocent fans who look at him and who can be easily influenced by his way of doing things. Therefore, it is your duty, as a public figure, to unite to set a good example for this youth who follows you.

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