Victoria Beckham offers an overpriced gift … and a big push of pressure for her son Roméo


The holiday season is just beginning, yet! Roméo Beckham will very soon inherit a generous and huge gift from the mother … for 5 figures please.

It's no secret that Victoria Beckham rarely thinks twice before putting her hand in the wallet. But this time, the old Spice Girl was obviously wearing very large pockets since she'd spoiled her 16-year-old son, Romeo, with a rather startling gift. We do not know if it's a late birthday surprise – Brooklyn's younger brother was born on Sept. 1 – but the teenager probably puts a lot of pressure on him because of his mother Posh.

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If Papa David is an international star in white pants and soccer, it seems that Victoria Beckham does not tire of sports achievements. She simply would like to make her Romeo the equivalent of her husband … on the tennis courts. As reported by Daily Mailshe would have hired some very prestigious players to take care of her sports education and insist that he continue to practice snowshoeing. It is therefore very natural that, for the goods of his training, the designer ordered his son to build a nearly finished lot in his Cotswolds holiday home.

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Summer will never have the taste of innocence and Mister Freeze for Romeo Beckham. From now on, it will be services, forehands and setbacks! After validating his landscaper Michael Ergatoudis's plans last May, Victoria certainly paid £ 30,000 – just under € 35,000 – but focused on the future. A cost which, however, only increases the value of 6 million of the residence of West Oxford. At this price, a little "thank you" …


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