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"Vataman is capable of shining"

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"Vataman is capable of shining"

Christophe Cheminaud has a busy day this Friday in Pau. He's been at work since the first race with Vataman in the Quinté, in which he tells.

"Christophe, how do you feel about Vataman's chances?"

instead, I had supplemented it because the floor had softened well and how it
perfectly recovered and still raining, I try on that level. It is a
follower of deep tracks and despite a revised value upwards, I believe
able to shine. "

– Do you trust Shamboy (409) and Kenrisk (415)?

"Shamboy has not behaved badly lately.
Of course, I think it's competitive. Seeing Kenrisk on the first test
is not particularly problematic. It will only have to benefit from an end to
clear course that is not always the case this winter. "

– Do you also have Chic Boy (604) flat?

he had started his meeting well. It's a very delicate horse. But it stays in
way and should not be hastily doomed on his most recent outing. "

"Your other beginners of the meeting?"

"Correntoso (701) hardens discipline. We long for a small place. Black Diva (805) will have to run in progress. "

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