Urgent – The first leaks of the first government appointments of the second mandate of Macky Sall


While awaiting the announced resignation of the Prime Minister's government, the first leak of the constitution of the first government team of the second term of President Macky Sall is clarified. According to a source close to this question, doubts about the reduction of Mahammad Boun Abdallah Dionne as head of government are no longer allowed. During Gossas will decree in spite of his express desire to give up the chair.

President Macky Sall would have trusted him again. Mahammad will be a member of Macky's mandate from 2019-2024. But if this renewal does not surprise many people, it will be the same for those "men of the president's men" who, in addition to not moving, will be strengthened with the status of Minister of State. They are Aly Ngouille Ndiaye and Amadou Ba. Augustin Tine will remain in the post. In terms of redevelopment, the drunk informs about the possible arrival of Me Oumar Youm to the trade and industry from where his replacement to the head of state's office. The names of Mame Boye Diao, Aissata Tall Sall and Mamadou Diagne Fairy were announced without specifying the station assigned to them. This is the case of the former president of the National Youth Council, Me Aliou Sow, who would have been consulted. Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr risks giving his place of health to Dr. Daouda Ndiaye Pikine. In the case of repressed, only a few names have leaked and this is Ndeye Saly Diop Dieng, Mbagnick Ndiaye, Oumar Gueye. peremptorily, we were told that Serigne Mbaye Thiam and Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye should continue their collaboration. The names of the progressives were not mentioned. But the name of Bouna Mouhamed Seck is whispered in the cottages, we will follow all this with you …



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