Universal Music will remaster your old HD videos


Image 1: YouTube: Universal Music will remaster your older HD clips

O partnership between YouTube and Universal Music Group Visa remasterize almost one thousand video clips of the label. The most interesting titles of the 80s and 90s, which were not filmed in HD, but in SD, in the resolution of cathode ray tubes. From now on, only nostalgia – not the poor quality of the images – will make people cry 80's fans.

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Currently, only a hundred "restored" clips are visible on YouTube, but the streaming platform says that almost a thousand videos will be restored by 2020. If you had integrated one of these "old" SD-quality videos into a playlist, you would not even have to look for it in HD: the URL of the new videos will remain the same.

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To warn users of the platform about this quality change, hashtag #Remastered will be applied to the affected clips. If no French artist is mentioned in the list, fans of Kiss, Boys II Men, Lionel Richie, Beastie Boys, No Doubs and Janet Jackson, among others, will be able to rediscover the clips of their idols. High definition.


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