Undrafted, El Hadji Tacko Fall sign with the Boston Celtics!


Unmarked yesterday during the draft to the surprise of many people, Tacko Fall may well have found the shoe in the NBA. We explain to you.

After making a name for himself during the March Madness (a tournament called Folie de Mars) and pre-draft drills for his superhuman measurements, Tacko Fall made his way through some simulated drafts on the back of the second round Unfortunately for him, it was not, and the Senegalese did not hear his name being called yesterday during the big night.

All of this seems to be only part of the delivery since we learned this Friday night that autumn signed next to Boston. It's not a permanent contract, of course, but an exhibition contract. 10. What is it? This is an agreement that potentially allows the pivot to sign with the C & s for an unsecured one year contract. If Fall is going on the main list for the 2019-2020 season, he should receive the NBA's minimum wage of $ 582,000, not including any compensation.

Such a contract also allows the Celtics to retain the G-League's down payment rights if they want to send it to stiffen. Exposure Contract 10 is also a first step to a two-way contract, which allows the player in question to navigate between the G-League and the main list at the discretion of their franchise.

As you can see, the cards are now largely in the hands of the colossus, who has every interest in impressing your franchise to push it to continue the "Tacko Experience". So expect to see autumn in the summer league this summer for the hard coal under the panels to persuade the Celtics to keep it from then on and make this contract lucrative, or even a two-way contract.

The fairy tale continues Fall's fall, which, if not summoned, will have the chance to fight to continue the adventure. That's all the evil we want from him.

Let's talk basketball.


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