Uber reaches an agreement for its standalone car


The idea is clear: to allow Uber to place autonomous vehicles on the market as quickly as possible to outperform other giants like Google or German manufacturers.

Uber if prepares for its IPO and recorded last week.

The Japanese banking group will pay $ 333 million from its Vision fund.

Toyota and Denson if refuse to comment.

The two Japanese announced a new investment of one billion dollars in the autonomous division Uber American ATG. As a result, a new board will if configured with six places to Uber, one for SoftBank and one for Toyota. The sum is also welcome considering the losses of the company in 2018. The VTC giant hopes to raise $ 10 billion and aims for a capitalization between 90 and 100 billion dollars, according to the American press. Expenditures on self-propelled projects are $ 450 million.

Toyota and SoftBank Group invest with Uber up to one billion dollars. "The development of automated driving technology will transform transportation as we know it, making our streets safer and our cities more livable." Softbank continues to be the largest shareholder of the VTC champion, with 16% of the company's shares.

In addition to the investment announced this Friday in the autonomous division Uber (Uber ATG), Toyota will pay $ 300 million more over the next three years.

With this additional billion, the unicorn counts "to accelerate the development and marketing of automatedLast year, the subsidiary Uber had traveled only 13,000 km against 2 million for Waymo. In addition, ATG announced new rules to enhance safety and resumed testing in Pittsburgh.


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