Tyler Blackburn Bisexual, Pretty Little Liars Actor Quits


The end of the lies At age 32, Tyler Blackburn decided to trust his sexuality honestly. Interviewed by gay magazine The Advocate, Pretty Little Liars star came out: "I'm queer, I've identified myself as bisexual since I was a teenager, I just want to feel good about myself, my mind and my heart." A well-kept secret during your college years. And for good reason, the actor was brutalized by some students: "I was much harassed by other kids, I ended up having lunch in my biology class, I had no one to talk to, so many things I love to do to feel safe, when you have to literally censor who you are to feel safe, it hurts your heart. "

Tyler Blackburn Bisexual, Pretty Little Liars Actor Quits

Tyler Blackburn then did what was expected of him: with only women. The young man wanted to protect himself from the stigma associated with bisexuals: "In the homosexual community, I heard a lot about bisexuality being a breach, a nonsense or a facility. I was in the lead because I felt pressure from both sides to be sure of my sexuality and for a long time, I erased my attraction to men. In my twenties, when the PLL was over, I allowed myself to feel it instead of questioning, exploring and understanding all the vulnerability and emotional aspect of identity bisexual

Despite these long periods of doubt, Tyler Blackburn is now ready to leave. "We live in a time when we speak fluently in such a beautiful way that I do not feel compelled to know everything about myself, I just want to live my truth." The idea of ​​holding my boyfriend's hand on the street and not having to worry about this, my goal is to feel as happy as possible, I just want to feel free, "says Roswell of New Mexico. That's all we want from him. And for ever more beautiful news, know that Rihanna would finally be ready to marry her boyfriend Hassan Jameel.


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