Together, all with me: what public for the new TV hook of the M6?


This Tuesday, April 30, M6 closed its month launching its new television hook, Together with me all.

For two hours, several amateur singers – or not – performed in front of a wall made up of one hundred music professionals. Each goal was to raise as many people to try to reach the top 3 and expect to earn 50,000 euros in the final.

If the one who got the most points is qualified for the rest of the adventure, the next two had to duel.

Jesse and Jessica were qualified in front of 1.38 million viewers, or 6.8% of the public in front of their television set between 9:10 p.m. and 11:20 p.m.

Together with me all finished in a serious setback for M6, positioning itself in the fourth step of the podium of the historical chains. Entertainment, produced by EndemolShine, has The fatal weapon (TF1) and Captain Marleau (France 3) and kept his audience from start to finish.

Next Tuesday, a new number will be scheduled on the M6, always with Eric Antoine in the animation, and Garou as leader of the jury.


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