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Tiken Jah regrets that he sang Alpha Conde: "I feel responsible for what happened in Guinea." – Media: Alternative Guinea

Ivorian artist Tiken Jah Fakoly made a video in which he reassured his fans that he is doing well and is on tour. Unlike false information that was smart on social networks about it.

"Hello dear Internet users, I make this video to reassure my friends, reassure my family, reassure my fans, reassure all those who have learned this fake news on social networks to worry me, tell them that it's alright that I'm here, that I "I believe this fake news probably comes from speaking in Guinea last weekend. I expressed myself because, somehow, I feel responsible for what happened. You know all the young people who were murdered, the young people who have been arrested are among the young people we helped to wake up, "said Ivory Coast reggaeman.

In fact, Tiken Jah Fakoly sang the praises to Alpha Condé when he was in opposition and was harassed by the Lassana Conte dictatorship. Kasso had fohi kiira. Alou milon lehé drools. Alou milon, "he said, saying that the arrest would have no effect on him, even appealing to Mandela and the African Democrats. Mandela yi'i for. Amadou Toumani ko kan gnifo. African Democrats lou bi out," he had sung.

Speaking about the Guinean President Alpha Condé's third term project, Tiken Jah kept singing: "Crazy, crazy, crazy! He goes crazy! Crazy crazy crazy! Alpha Condé becomes." In fact, the artist modestly acknowledges that he helped to awaken through your music for twenty years. "When, for twenty years, I say in my songs, wake up, claim your rights; If you do not agree, no one will change Africa in our place, etc. Today we have a generation of young people who wake up, who do not agree and when they do not, report how it is done in Europe, in the United States almost everywhere, "he said.

"When people disagree, they take to the streets to protest. Except that in those countries there are rare deaths, so I cannot accept that by 2019 young Africans are being murdered or imprisoned because they demonstrated," he added in anger. "I was shocked by what happened in Guinea and that's what got me involved. So, I know everyone is not happy, but we are in a democracy and one of the rules and most importantly freedom of expression, so I expressed myself , but I know everyone is not happy, but I felt responsible for these young people, so I said and it does not matter to everyone, but this is just the beginning, "he warned.

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"I think when you raise your voice in Africa like me, there are always plans for humiliation, murder, here we are fighting and I think this is just the beginning. I would like to warn all my fans that we have a duty to continue this fight. that Bob Marley started, a consciousness-raising struggle, a struggle to tell Africans that no one is going to change our situation for us. If we want to change things, we have to get our hands on our paws, we have to say no, but we don't agree. This is how we can educate our politicians to behave differently, "said Fakoly's descendant.

Focus: This is the fight I'm leading. I will have friends, but I know that I will also have many enemies, but it is the mission of reggae that I cannot do otherwise, it is absolutely necessary to keep awakening the consciences. So this video to reassure everyone, reassure my friends that I'm fine for being on tour and that everything is going great.


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