The selection will try to "look good" in the CAN, according to Kalidou Coulibaly


Thies, Mar 19 (APS) – The Senegalese national football team will try to "look good" at the next African Nations Cup (CAN), defender Kalidou Coulibaly told Thiès on Tuesday.

"We will do everything we can to get a good CAN," he said in the company of Idrssa Gana Gueye, the media player, after the second Lions training session at the Lat-Dior stadium in Thies.

Kalidou Coulibaly hoped the Senegalese people would help the group to win this competition.

Saying that it is "difficult to win a competition," the footballer invites everyone, both the team and the people to "pull in the same direction", having a "positive spirit".

We know that we expect a lot from us, he said, noting that the team is working on it. He considers it important to win Saturday's game against Madagascar. "Even if the stadium is small, I hope the public's fervor will help us," he added.

He will do everything to please the public, meanwhile, insisted Idrissa Ghana Gueye.Il reassured about his non-participation in the meeting on Tuesday, linked according to him for a "little blow" he has received during the match against Chelsea in the English league ".

He said he wanted to take another day off before training with the group on Wednesday.

The Lat-Dior stadium was refueled during this second Lions training session of the national soccer team.

The crowd came more than the day before, especially applauded team star Sadio Mané, as did the other players, who joined the group.


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