The second Lego film breaks brick at the North American box office


The movie inspired by the famous construction game, with its little yellow and lively men, generated $ 34.4 million between Friday and Sunday in the United States and Canada.

That's twice less than the first "Lego Movie" of the name, which earned 69 million for its start in 2014.

But even if he has, according to the Hollywood Reporter, "lost a lot of the charm of the original," this second work is clearly ahead of two other novelties: "What Men Want" and "Cold Blood."

"What Men Want" takes in the opposite direction the "What women want" codes, in which the character incorporated by Mel Gibson arrived in 2000 to listen to the thoughts of the opposite sex.

A sports agent arrives this time to penetrate the minds of men. Result: $ 19 million in three days and second place at the box office.

The third step of the podium is occupied by "Cold Blood" and its $ 10.8 million. A result even to the expectations, in spite of the scandal triggered by the comments of the main actor of the film, Liam Neeson, who confessed one day wanted to kill a "black bastard" at random after the rape of one of his friends.

"The Upside," the North American adaptation of the French film phenomenon "Untouchables", falls to fourth place for its fifth week of operation, its $ 7.2 million over the weekend still bringing to 85.8 million total revenue since its launch.

At the top of the three-week standings, "Glass," the last part of the superhero trilogy directed by Night Shyamalan, retreated to fifth place.

The film with three characters crossed in "Unstoppable" (2000) and "Split" (2016) grossed $ 6.4 million in the last three days for a total of 98.5 million.

Here's the rest of the Top 10:

6 – "The Prodigy" ($ 6 million)

7 – "Green Paper" (3.6 million)

8 – "Aquaman" (3.3 million)

9 – "Spider-Man: New Generation" (3 million)

10 – "Miss Bullet" (2.7 million)


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