The robbery will be committed by a person, according to the expelled pirates


The circumstances of the deprivation, which take place at 18 o'clock in the 18th hour between Badiouré and Diango villages, at the entrance of the Kalnounes loop at Rn4 are becoming less accurate. The arrested and released persons say the package signs the only person who has completed the people in the city of Oulampane and the Department of Bignona with the fear of blue.

Following the release, the hostages were heard by the Sunday Bignon gendarme brigade detectives. They determined that the attacker who had been arrested by the only girl was raped before he was released.

At first, the Mfdc course was targeted. Following the liberation of Salif Sadio, the rebel leader of the Northern Armed Wing, who allegedly told a particular press that he would be ready to negotiate the final peace with authentic and authentic negotiators. Because of the evidence of the hostages, the involvement of Mfdc in this robbery is rejected.

Investigations organized by the army and the gendarmerie are becoming increasingly intense, entrusting their hands to the perpetrator.


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