Thursday , August 5 2021

The release of the album "Respect" Youssou Ndour postponed to November 30

The mourning after the death of Adja Katy Cisse, the mother of Birane Ndour, postponed the album "Respect" Youssou Ndour whose release was scheduled for November 28.

The new date chosen is November 30. In less than 5 days.

Youssou Ndour subscriber to the label "high production account" has built its reputation for years in the quality of its beat. This time, melodies and sounds with local aromas with a tasty dose of international dance will make many music lovers. Anyway, prying ears who have heard the album are still praising the quality of this new album.

Respect to you! for having marked the mourning and warmly on November 30.


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