Saturday , February 27 2021

The pound continues to wait after the drop yesterday

EUR / USD remains below the 1.3100 mark after yesterday's bearish move.

The support drop at 1.3135 actually triggered a bearish acceleration of the GBP / USD, which is now stabilizing below 1.3100.

The votes in parliament for amendments to Plan B Brexit did not bring much, and the Prime Minister will once again try to get EU guarantees before a new vote in mid-February.

Markets still rely on a Brexit carryover, and Goldman Sachs gives a 50% probability for this scenario, against 35% for Brexit's absence and 15% for Brexit without a deal. Deutsche Bank becomes more neutral in the GBP, compared to voting. BNP Paribas, on the other hand, maintains its high opinion on the GBP, while still awaiting the delay of Brexit.

The GBP / USD still remains calm in the Forex, and does not even react to the intraday dollar increase that freed EUR / USD and USD / JPY at their intervals this afternoon.

The brackets are at 1.3050, 1.3030 and 1.3000. Resistors come in at 1.3100, 1.3135, 1.3180 and 1.3200.

Currently GBP / USD is trading around 1.3075 in the Forex.

GBP / USD H1 Chart

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