The pound continues to rise after a green light by deputies Theresa May


The British pound continued to rise on Wednesday after British lawmakers had adopted British Prime Minister Theresa May's new strategy, potentially opening the way for a delayed planned Brexit date.

At around 20:30 GMT (21:30 in Paris), the British pound was trading at 85.46 pence for one euro, against 85.95 pence on Tuesday at 22:00 GMT, and $ 1.3303 per pound-weight, against $ 1.3252 before.

Around 1600 GMT, it has risen since July against the dollar, $ 1.3350. At the same time, it rose against the European currency to 85.29 pence for a euro, a peak since May 2017.

"This week's events suggest that the risk of the UK leaving the European Union without agreement has dropped significantly," said Joe Manimbo of Western Union.

British MEPs, for example, supported Theresa May's new Brexit strategy on Wednesday, which could lead to a postponement of the divorce date set for March 29.

The elected members voted 502 to 20 for an amendment that supports Mrs May's proposal to postpone the date of Brexit if they rejected the agreement she is currently seeking with Brussels on the terms of the withdrawal.

Earlier in the day, French President Emmanuel Macron said he was ready to consider a request for the postponement of Brexit by London "if it is justified," adding that the time has come "for the British to make choices."

Several analysts, however, called for caution on Wednesday, insisting that the assumption of a no-compromise exit was far from being discarded and a postponement of Brexit did not fundamentally change the situation.

The euro, on the other hand, fell slightly against the dollar to $ 1.1369 versus $ 1.1389 Tuesday night.

Across the Atlantic, traders ignored the hearing of US Central Bank President Jerome Powell on Wednesday in the House of Representatives, a day after a similar hearing before the senators.

At around 8:30 p.m., the dollar was up against the yen to 111.04 yen, up from 110.59 on Tuesday at 22:00 GMT. The European currency also rose against the Japanese currency to 126.24 yen for a euro, against 125.95 yen late on Tuesday.

The Swiss currency gained ground against the euro, 1.1388 Swiss francs for a euro, against 1,1378 francs Tuesday night, and fell slightly against the dollar, 1.0013 Swiss francs to one dollar against 0.9996 Tuesday night .

The Chinese currency closed at 6.6787 yuan for one dollar, against 6.7 thousand yuan at around 03:30 GMT on Tuesday.

Gold was worth $ 1,320.26 an ounce, versus $ 1,329.00 on Tuesday at 22:00 GMT.

Finally, bitcoin traded at $ 3,795.44 versus 3,790.19 late Tuesday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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8.30 GMT 22H00 GMT

EUR / USD 1,1369

EUR / JPY 126.24 125.95

EUR / CHF 1.1383 1.1387

EUR / GBP 0.8546 0.8595

USD / JPY 111.04 110.59

USD / CHF 1.0000 0.9999

GBP / USD 1.3303 1.3252

afp / rp


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