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The Pasteur Institute in Dakar will produce 40 million doses of vaccine per year (ambassador)

Dakar, July 23 (APS) – The Dakar factory of the Pasteur Institute Foundation under construction in Diamniadio will produce 40 million doses of yellow fever vaccine per year from 2021, the ambassador said on Tuesday. from France to Senegal, Christophe Bigot.

"The annual production capacity will be 40 million doses by 2021, 20 times the current production," Bigot said at a meeting of the Dakar Rotary Club on "French-Senegalese health cooperation over the past three years." "

Dakar's Pasteur Institute, "the only vaccine production facility in sub-Saharan Africa", will strengthen its presence in this region "for the benefit of all Africa, where yellow fever unfortunately still kills," he added.

"As a director, I am proud to have been able to support this project, which is co-funded by the AFD (French Development Agency) and supported by the Institut Pasteur in Paris and the French government," said Christophe Bigot.

He noted that France and Senegal continue to cooperate in the field of medical research through the Pasteur Institute of Dakar and the National Agency for Scientific Research (ANRS), a French organization that participates in the promotion of a clinical research site at the Hospital Center. from Fann University, Dakar.

Cooperation between the two countries in this area also includes the Institute for Research and Development (IRD) and the 5% Initiative, according to the French ambassador.

The 5% Initiative is the second modality of France's contribution to the Global Fund to Fight Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS.

It supports countries, including Francophone countries, in the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of grants from the Global Fund.

"A great deal of research is being conducted in all areas of health, and it should be noted that all of this research is conducted by mixed French-Senegalese teams whose results in terms of scientific production put Senegal very much on the international scene." said the French ambassador at the end of his mission in Senegal.

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