The newspapers dissolve the sentence of Béthio Thioune


Dakar, May 7 (APS) – The conviction of Thiantakounes' guide, Sheikh Bethio Thioune, 10 years of hard labor in the case of the double murder of Medinatoul Salam (Mbour), is widely commented on by newspapers released on Tuesday. Senegalese news agency.

The Criminal Chamber of the Mbour High Court on Monday condemned Thiantakounes' guide for "complicity in murder" and "no complaint of murder" on Monday 10 years of forced labor.

The court also ordered the kidnapping of all its assets and granted 100 million francs in damages to each of the two civilian parties.

Thiantakounes' guide, a religious obedience organization Murid, was tried in absentia as part of the trial for the murder of two of his followers, Bara Sow and Ababacar Diagne. They were tortured and buried in 2012 in Medinatoul Salam, a town in the town of Mbour (west).

On the other hand, the Criminal Division acquitted Béthio Thioune and five of his co-defendants on charges of criminal conspiracy.

Of Thioune's 19 co-defendants, 16 received forced labor ranging from 5 to 15 years, while three received absolution.

"Hard time for Béthio!" He exclaimed to his One The Sun, who recalls that Thiantakounes 'guide was sentenced to ten years' hard labor, like his chamberlain Cheikh Faye, just over 7 years later. separation of this case.

"If he was acquitted of criminal conspiracy and concealment of wrongdoers, Thiantakounes' guide was found guilty of not reporting the crime. A complaint that led the Criminal Chamber to pronounce this sentence, which he shares with his chamberlain," thinks the daily newspaper by Hann.

& Quot; Justice falls on Béthio & # 39 ;, "Shows his side Vox Populi. & Quot; The sheik condemned to 10 years of forced labor, his property placed in concordata. His co-defendants are sentenced to between six months and 15 years of forced labor. Two defendants were acquitted, the families of the victims compensated 200 million francs, "the publication summarizes.

Using his usual play on words, Le Quotidien writes: "Sheikh and Mat."

& Quot; They have signed the end of the + thiant +, but the judges will have the courage to go to the end of their logic to apply the sentence against the guide Thiantakounes ?, The magazine asks you to emphasize that the "Sheikh" came very close to political power.

"Would the last one leave his new ally in the Republic jail? Just to see this, you have to do everything you can to live a long time," concludes the pessimistic newspaper.

The answer to these questions seems to have been found by Le Témoin, who explains to his readers the reasons why, though condemned, Béthio Thioune will not go to prison.

According to the newspaper, the judge did not order the coercion of the guide Thiantakounes judged by default. "In other words, Béthio Thioune, 81 years old, currently in France, saved in absentia from a return to prison," says Le Témoin in his columns.

Walf Quotidien chooses to analyze the verdict by evoking facts for which "Sheikh Béthio was almost expelled from the cause".

"He is innocent most of the time.He is only condemned for not reporting crime and complicity in the crime.If this is so, it was that rebuilding the facts did not make it possible to formally prove his involvement, even though the blood test found in his vehicle has shown that it was animal blood. "explains the daily newspaper Wal fadjri Group.

"Sheikh Béthio can bring him back to the Criminal Chamber of the Dakar Court of Appeal. He was tried in absentia, although he was not running away because he was allowed to leave the territory of the Senegalese authorities," he thinks Sud Quotidien quoted Professor Mady Mary Bouaré, a specialist in criminal law. .

It was said that Thiatakounes's guide could not appeal after being sentenced in absentia.

The Libération newspaper seems to have escaped this seeming passion on this subject, emphasizing an acquisition of 78 billion Swiss francs from ASER to a German company.

& Quot; Without any public tender, the Senegal Rural Electrification Agency (ASER) has granted a private agreement of 78.7 billion CFA francs to the German company Gauf Gmbh & Co Engineering Kg for the supply, delivery and installation of electrification equipment for 300 villages, including coordination, supervision and training under the National Rural Electrification Program (PNER), "the newspaper reported.

According to this diary, nothing prevents the implementation of this direct agreement, blessed by the Central Directorate of Public Procurement (DCMP) after signing an agreement between Baba Diallo, General Director of ASER. and Uwe Gauff, senior partner of the German company.

& Quot; What will be the share of the Senegalese companies? Why the market did not break? "Asks the newspaper, which recalls that the project received funding from the subsidiary of a German bank.

Another public market, same process. Research therefore evokes a "boring OTC" on the granting of the security market of Blaise Diagne International Airport Diass (AIBD) of an annual amount of 6 billion francs to the Téranga airport security company, to the displeasure of competition which stretches on the stretchers.

"In this case, despite the significant amount at stake, and while a call for tender was required under the Code des Marches Publics, there was nothing. Téranga was able to charge 500 million francs a month," the arguments of the authorities policies were to say that the AIBD security market is a defense secret, "according to the paper's analysis.



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