The last of the summers, chronic comics


The last summers


A few days before her wedding, Dani, a photographer, decides to return to the seaside resort where she spent her summers as a child. This trip allows you to dive back into your past and remember the unique friendship you forged with a village boy.

A friendship that changed his life and that leaves him, for twenty years, an impression of unfinished … So much to write it right away The last summers It's Wonderful. Spanish author still unknown by us, Alfonso Casas signs here a graphical novel of great sensitivity that will not leave the reader of marble. Built around a homecoming hero and wondering what his life would be like today, if he had not left this place that was so dear to him, nostalgic history adequately testifies to the passing time, but also and especially of this crucial period that it is childhood. This inner journey that Dani has is universal and imposes itself as a magnificent story of love and friendship that sublimates the drawings full of tenderness and poetry and a color of the most relevant. As for the layers that punctuate the layout, they accentuate this impression that the past blends in with the present and ends up doing it. Last summers, a work of beauty whose reading is highly recommended.

The last of the summers, scenery and drawings: Alfonso Casas. Editions Paquet. € 25.



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