the indiscretions of Marcelo's wife


VIDEO: Check out the complete list of Karim Benzema, Real Madrid. The winners won with Lyon, their training club, Real Madrid, their current club and the U17 team.

The unease is growing between Marcelo and Real Madrid. Not essential in the eyes of Solari, the Brazilian left-back has been the target of rumors for several weeks sending him to Juventus. Between Isco's disappointments, Modric's wishes elsewhere and Ronaldo's departure, Real Madrid seems to come to an end of a glorious cycle. If we are to be wary of the hasty information that arises from the player's desire to join the Portuguese star, a clue about this could have been given by his wife. In an interview with Another Chronica, she said: "The departure of Ronaldo left a great emptiness in us, we always got along with his family. I even know his mother, and his wife is wonderful, and my son is very nice to Junior …"From there to a transfer, the road is long …



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