Monday , June 21 2021

The heat wave arrives: street in air conditioners and fans

PARIS (AFP) – The announcement of the arrival of heat in most of France from Sunday causes a rush of air-cooling equipment, several AFP-interviewed distributors noted.

Many supermarkets have not yet been able to provide consolidated data on the sales of these devices, but the first elements already show a clear upward trend.

"The first most sought after products are fans, air conditioners, refrigerators," said Fnac-Darty Group product director AFP Olivier Garcia.

"Last week, sales started on air conditioners, we already have increases of more than 100% over the previous year," that is, 2018, details the manager. "We are even growing almost 300%," Thursday and Friday, over a year, he added.

"For the fans last week, there was no peak, but there, for two days, it started and the sales explosion in the fans will really be real this weekend and next week," had predicted Friday Olivier Garcia.

There are no global figures available for the Kingfisher Group, owner of Castorama and Brico Dépôt.

But "we've been seeing a peak in sales since yesterday," said Benoît Vincelet, director of the Castorama Cormeilles-en-Parisis store near Paris.

Fearing possible supply voltages for next week, when temperatures are expected to rise to 37 degrees in the Paris region, he has assured that his brand is "doing everything possible to advance the next deliveries, originally planned for the end of the month." ".

At Fnac-Darty, the availability of items is not a cause for concern. "Most of our trucks are full of fans and air conditioners to meet demand as early as next week," Garcia said.

Fewer last minute purchases

The purchase of appliances to cool the air inside houses and apartments, which cool down more slowly at night than the outside environment, was made until recently at the last moment, but this time seems to be less the case.

"Normally the French are not very cautious and usually arrive at the shops at the last minute, after a difficult night or two," recalls the Fnac-Darty boss.

But last week, "the mediation of the next peak of heat was much stronger than usual, and the French are a little more anticipated."

A statement shared by the head of products "air treatment" in Boulanger.

"After the peak of the heat wave, Boulanger has seen a sales growth of more than 400% (compared to usual) in all its stores and in, in the category of treatment. be it ventilators, air conditioners and refrigerators – said a group leader.

The fans only stir the air, the coolers cause it to lose a few degrees in contact with water and consume less energy than the air conditioners with an external evacuation, which also use refrigerant gases.

"We are also seeing a strong trend among our customers, to invest more and their first purchase to equip themselves, given the now repetitive nature of the hot episodes," added the Boulanger boss.

The hurry in equipment to prepare or cool the air is not new: during the heatwave of early summer of 2015 in France, Amazon recorded a tenfold increase in sales of fans and air purifiers. .

Sales of other durable goods, such as nebulizers, breweries and ice makers, also increase during hot flashes.

And as they are often accompanied by more air pollution, "a new trend that is significant, is the sale of used objects for air purification," Garcia also notes in Fnac-Darty.

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