the government launches the fight against fiscal gaps


In an Alsace shipyard, all the machines work with non-road diesel, a fuel much less taxed than the classic version. If this fiscal advantage disappears, that Alsatian company estimates that it would lose a third of its annual profit. "We would further reduce our bottom line, which is no longer too high in our business. Naturally, investments and salary increases will not follow."laments Georges Metzger, CEO of GCM Travaux Publics.

Among the other paths envisaged, cultural patronage might be less advantageous for employers. Hundreds of corporate tax breaks cost the state 40 billion euros a year. Then, in the National Assembly, we organized the search for small fiscal loopholes (less than 15 million euros per year). Reduced VAT on restaurants, hotels or renovations will not be affected, as will the research tax credit. By eliminating some fiscal loopholes, the government plans to release between 1 and 1.5 billion euros.


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