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«The first refurbishment of L'Afrque le foyer principal du débat sur elle-même»

The monument of the African Renaissance to Dakar.
The monument of the African Renaissance to Dakar. Sandrine Berthaud

Tribune Today's Dakar Renter is the last one, October 30 to November 2, the session of the Pensions Workshop, the indepen- dent plate and the showcase of the critical reflection of the French expression.

The surrender of the normal bisannuel on the occasion of a fifty-five-year-old member of the African Union and his days, who included several premier personalities, the example of the ministerial figures, the figures of the sport and the monk. struggle against racism, of cinematographers, artists, philosophes, economists, anthropologists, sociologists and historians, of the women of the Decolonial and of the New Roman Catholic women, of the men and women of theatre or of the average, of the diplomats, of those responsible for of reflection and autonomous non-governmental organizations, of the functioning of the European Union and of the system of the United Nations and of the important representatives of private and public publications and of America.

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Cette lists this exhaustive loin d'être. Indicate neo-neos combined with rapatrier desir and re-merging the continent even with the production of ideas on l'objet d'unjet large consensus. Cette volonté de rapatriement et re-ancrage, et de la création imaginaire et artique, naît, elme-même, de la sans cess croissante de nouveaux outils d'analyse et méux déchiffrer le present et d'agir af ' in inflecting the path. In addition to the presence of a public tres nombreux, composer in major of jeunes Dakarois, more aussi d'autres, venus as much of the voisins than of loin.

La fin de l '«surplomb universalisme»

The volonté of re-ancrage of these forces créatrices sur the continent in the view of the coupe l'Afrque du monde. There is no dependence on the difference between faire monde avec L'Afrique et faire monde sur le dos de Cool. With the demand for restitution of the objects retained in the Occident's museums, the project for the re-screening of the critical criticism by the Dakar Workshops for the refurbishment of the main foyer of the debate elle-même, pre-payable to its contribution to the debts of the monde in general.

Pending three long times, in effect, the plan and the ensemble of these inhabitants on the occasion of a Eurocentric certifications, with the plupart avaient, for the cause of the cause, reverted to the masque of the philosophe sénégalais Souleymane Bachir Diagne appelle unelle «Surplomb universalisme». After all, the rest of the monde, in return, I cease to be an appeler from all of them to a tenth of a century which allows me to see the various manifestations of the human genre and faire valoir of the imaginations of the cosmos.

The fake croire that cette époque is presently present, but of two, beaucoup peinent encore to take away the consequences of the replacement.

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But in the course of Europe, he will continue to speak of the reflections of the predecessors of the economic and military plan. The point of the production of signs which is a parent in the future, he ceases to tour around. For the sake of it, the various imperialist impulsions are not combined with the nostalgie passé. He is also a partner who is centering on the present irremediablement rongé for an exacerbated frontier and for the peer of the foundation, of the appels, on the other side, but not the most. the fermeture, fly to the secession.

If the storm is currently replenishing, it is a partner who is on the croit plus in the'avenir. L'on n'attend plus rien, synon la fin elle-même. In the case of Europe, I would like to see that the technological advance and the passage to a civilization constituting the new one in the future, as well as in the verge of the historical history of the Humanity of the Earth. ores and déjà consommée. The board of the pension in the consisterait plus, the lors, which in the arrest and the faire l'annonce. It gives you the chance to assemble in other types of recitals of the fines and discourses of collapsology.

It is risked in effect by dominer les decennies to come. She'll be fond of fondans and paniques of assorted sorts. However, the edge of these extremities is in the process of becoming a common condition. You have to say that the concentration of the capital between the Quelques mains has never been to the niveaux that l'on connaît aujourd'hui. L'échelle planétaire, a depleting ploutocracy in the cessation of jouer de l'ici et l'ailleurs pour capturer et se l'humanité et, bientôt, l'ensemble des resources du vivant.

L'épreuve des limits

At the same moment, of the couches between the société courent the risques accrus d'un a vertigineux. In the long run, they have the opportunity to strengthen their status, to progress. The course is usually unusual, they are in the middle of the fight for a survivor, they are in the grip of the retention, and the evolution is the collector of the rest. More to lie with attributing the responsibility of a malheur to a system which causes them to retreat, plus the most misleading ones, a class of 'superflus' of the pains and the loss of them in the existence of the material and the present. , it has been depleted by and at the meeting of the appellant they are appealing to a brutalité sans dealer.

For a couple, the mount of angels and a fond fond fond conscience, beaucoup plus accentuée qu'auparavant, de notre finitude. Notre Terre's resources need not cease to contract. Système en lui-même fini, he to the limit. With experience of the limits and the litanie of extreme situations that 'genera', certainly in the future is ahead of the others. For the sake of the regions of the South of the world in effect, to create the living from the unavoidable aura of the past, not the condition. In fact, there are some unusual partitions that are necessary for the extremes with the additional ones that will not be protected by the mother, the front, or the left.

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The return of contraction and the basis of the boundaries between its boundaries and its flight to natural resources, fossil fuels or energy that serves to supply the material infrastructure in our existences. It manifests itself generally in the form of a toxique in the air that in the air, in the air that in the air. He is at the forefront of the transformations that come up with the biosphère and that he is experiencing the phenomena with the acidification of the oceans, the destruction of complex episodes, the weathering of the basin and the course of the exhaustion of the milleux. de vie ont été saccagés. In fact, this is the nourricier system of the Earth and of the same person who is at the same time, but with the ability of human beings to the historical faire.

Monde Combustion

Il n'y guère jusqu'à notre conception du temps qui ne soise remise en jeu. Some also show that there is no need to explode and distances from achievements, at some time, to the chair of the monde and to the respiration, and to the soleil which will be extended to the infini. Fondly, one of us is normal. Some of the plain-pied of the combustion of the monde. Du coup, it's the l'urgence that our faisons face. The result of the emergence of the fragility and vulnerability of the land, and the improvement of its presence in the future, with the detachment of the disasters which have the history of the historian, the cell of exterminations and the genocides of massacres and the demise, the long litany of colony ravages.

The possibility of a break in the general plan of the membrane is the same. It is propelled by a part of technology, a technological scale and an intensification of brutalism, and a part of the logic of combustion and its production of lens and indefinitety of other types of cyan nuances. Strictly speaking, the combustion of the monde is post-historical. The perspective of a telenovement at a glance of several courses, commencing on the course of a new partition of the Terre. It is also resuscitated by several years, commencing by the division of the human genre in different species and various marques, chacune, by their irreconcilable species.

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Here you can explain the glimpse of a planettaire, the practices of selection and triage, which was marked by the history of the enslavement and colonization, after two moments of rupture through the port of d ' I have just wanted to know how much fuel it is in its modernity. As with dogs, the nouvelle pulsion de sélection s'appuie sur toutes sorts of nanotechnologies. More, cette fois-ci, il s'agit plus seulement of machines, more than who chose of plus gigantic encore, who chose sans limits, at the confluence of calcul, of cells and neurones, which semble défier l'expérience mme de la pensée.

For the rest, the genre of the rupture of the general rupture, in the form of the tellurique, the genre and the techno-phenomena presale, on the back of which there was a fondness of the modern aphrodiasporic pension. He is particularly present in the three courtrooms that do not include 'apopopessimism', 'apofuturism' and 'apopolitanism'.

In effect, the creation and creation of aesthetic negres auront is dominated by the motif of the origins, traces, and retour aussi. Blow the rest of the world on the rappeler's end by helping Negres who are in the past, or those who are exiled from history, the conviction is installed by the Earth It is an immense prison, a gigantic one of cremation and incineration, and notably of various transformations in decades, the point of encounter between the human and the objective.

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As for me, the modern rise and the same aura of the African and the Negative signs of the human-born crématoire. If the Nègre était exclu l'histoire de l'humanité, c'était partner that enters dans celle-ci risquait d'en signer automaiquement la fin. Fossile and matière première that l'on extrait and brûle for producing force and energy, the relevance to the genre destiny of the Earth and ettait, on the plan, indispensable to the homme, category to the laquelle il n'appartenait point.

For the sake of the opportunity to recite, the negatives in retreat to the magnifier, to the voyage, to the demeure, plus the citadelle, to his endroit sur terte of the surface of the land, to the evacuation and the evacuation, to the reminder humanite. D´où l'importance, dans l'écriture africaine, et aphrodiasporique en particulier, théme du retour à sole, du retour en Afrique et du retour à l'Afrque.

D´autres, in rematch, in front of the celle-ci qu'un enclosed and a huge reserve promise to l'épuisement. In the various variants of the fruitfulness and the fruitfulness, he represents the symbol of all the bodies that deprive him, the chair and the muscles that the epuise, the ones that the broie, the riches that are on the plate, the objects that are on the back of a vast combustion program of almost any molecule, along the integration. This is where I explain the desirability of the pre-emption of the affrofuturism, the issue in the past of the other galaxies and the other planets to conquer and inhabit, but the volley of retaining the alien with the forces and the cosmic elements , the re-ancrage of the forces of some universes, cells that are not able to count the totality of it and to transcend it.


In fact, L'Afrique is never even hors du monde. For the deadly dimensions of his story, he is still the size of the living. In a critical phase of the plan's devotion, he is obliged to redo the destiny of the living ensemble of the intellectuelle privilege and of his imaginative creation.

This is the case in which it is necessary to approve, such as the author, either at the end of the day or at the end of the maitre d 'sur la technology of technology. He gagnera thinking about plutôt in terms of potentialités, c'est-à-ce of ce qui, by definition, is incalculable and inappropriately.

Au demeurant, he is a pas de choix. He will do maintenance on the other side, all of which is a major time-shift replacement. He will be the first to come to the future, even though he will be in the finest of things that the human being is going to shoot. Or that the monde is of new accusation to a fighting sans merci of all of you. Cette fidélité au futur serait alors sa contribution aux l'humanité funerals, laquelle serait, par bées de son créps, rapatriée with their cosmic origins, un'universes of them, and nonuniversel or l'universalisme.

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More comment frommeurer fidèle au futur alors that celui-ci ne cease to se dérober et de s'éloigner? From the point of view of the way, from the many small people, I don't think about those in the past, and about the exposures of their forces of vulnerability. In valuing the multiple petite bifurcations that we observe partout in Afrique and the other regions of the South. Cells-ci constituting autonomous of responsibles, souvent three fragiles, the climatic basis, by the biodiversity, the aggravation of the inegalités and the political tensions that continue to make the sacrifice of the notre époque.

These are petite bifurcations and micro-mondes that have been found to have the most significant signs of de-vulnerability. Celles-ci montrent that the futur is in the past to advance. They indicate that the sort of cool and celebrated the monsoon between the mains, and that the future depends on the ability of the articulation to the dogs consistently on the train of défaire and the remainder, it is the right-hander of the capacity to repair the liens brisés.

Le philosophe Achille Mbembe I'm with you, Felwine Sarr, and the co-founder of the Dakar Pension Workshop. All of you come from public Politique des temps. Essai sur les devenirs africains aux éditions Philippe Rey et Jimsaan.

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