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The chiens aboient, the free caravan pass. (By Abdoulaye Mamadou Guissé).

Between Wade et Macky is the existential rapport between Le temps et l'instant.
They have a panel that: »The maids of mauvaise augur voleront toujours the ciel du libéralisme incarné sénégalais par fond fondur Abdoulaye Wade.

Never again has it ever been more intelligent that Wade even sans the socialist ette globale for the sake of globalization.
Abdoulaye Wade is the Encore, Toujours, and pour l'éternité au the record of longévité of the sénégalais socialiste (40 years). «

Aujourd'hui Abdoulaye Wade and his son on the triumph of the conservation and maintenance of the heritage that the complainants will know when they traverse the hale mer.

The miracle of MASALIKUL DJINAN has come up to reconcile the foot and the filers against the graces of the serene Touba serigne Mountakha khalif general of the Mourides.
The proprietor of the proprietor, Serigne Touba avait a pre-dict and a plus of a series in the premonitoires: «I am your leader in the Dakar, for the face of the Prophet (Mountakha) and the priests of Lui preserve me in never des stratagèmes de comploteurs…. »
Wade et Macky c'est l'essence même de l'amour irréversible. J'en there the l'un comme de l'autre certificate.
But it is more certain that there is never a resolution here with a coeur, with a breath, with a vit and with a hunch.
On the 12th of October, the veritable history of the Republic of the Senegal and the cohesion of the retour of the future.
Wade is a grand panafricain, a vision and son projecting the slogans. Abdoulaye Wade is among the co-worker of the sententiel: the passion and the stabilization of the cooler in the fight: a Nobel prix of the passion in perspective.
Macky Sall and Abdoulaye Wade on the assignment of the national reversibility of the stabilization of the Senegal which was defined as REEWU BAMBA.
Wade to me all the honors ahead of the days of 12 october to the palais sous l'impulsion genéreuse du fils devenu nouveau maître des lieux.
I cite a sign for the two of intelligence and an assessment for the things that have come about after the historical and spiritual reconciliation between Macky Sall and his son Abdoulaye Wade.
Alpha Blondy says: »The chiens aboient the caravane pass. »

Abdoulaye Mamadou Guissé General Secrétaire National of the Political Party MCSS FULLA AK FAYDA.
Wadiste Eternel.
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