The beautiful history Thanks to a strong mobilization, the young migrant Mody can stay in Tours


" Mody is 16 years old and arrived in France in Tours in September 2018 after a long trip from Mali. He is an orphan, his 22 year old brother, with whom he left, died before his eyes during the crossing of the Mediterranean. With these first words, Hélène Soubise defines the scene and has has moved more than 29,000 peoplewho decided to sign the petition for Mody to stay in Indre-et-Loire.

This isolated young man of Malian origin was waiting for the train this Monday morning in Tours. He was to be sent to Lille, in a house, as part of the distribution of migrants between departments. But good news, while he was on the platform, Mody received a call from the County Council announcing that he could stay in the area. The same as the 16-year-old made connections and built a life, especially thanks to the Soubise family, who tells the story of Mody's journey since his arrival in the description of the petition.

" Since 4 months, he started rebuilding here. He is enrolled in a football club (FCOT), he takes French classes with a Red Cross volunteer and he has strong relationships with our family. We wash his clothes, we equip him with clothes, we vaccinate ourselves, we take him to the museum, to the restaurant, we cook with him (he wants to be a cook) … well, everything that can participate in everyday life "normal". a 16-year-old teenager. We asked the prosecutor of the Republic of Indre et Loire to review his decision and put Mody in a house of 37. We are guarantors of his integration. "

In addition to 29,000 signatures, actors like Omar Sy or singer Keren Ann also supported Mody and the Soubise family.

When news of the department was announced, Sébastien Soubise reacted to the New Republic: " Mody succeeded thanks to his kindness to weave a net, answered Sébastien Soubise, few minutes after the announcement of the Department. It is likely to integrate well in Indre-et-Loire. "

Late in the morning, Mody was on the premises of the child welfare service on the Champs-Girault in Tours and by the end of the day he should know the location of his accommodation. A follow-up project should be put into practice, hoping that this will help you realize your dream: to become a cook.

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