Wednesday , June 23 2021

The 3 conditions for Neymar's return to Barça, Totti's revenge is being spoken in Italy

IS hot hot For Neymar in Barca

In Spain, the newspapers are in the archive of Neymar, especially on the Catalonian side. Sports World the same happens with the cover of it " the Neymar operation "The Catalan daily explains that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has opened the door to a match for his Brazilian star, and that Barça is attentive. reduce their salary, their problems with justice will have to be solved and PSG will accept the players in exchange for their number 10. sport also ignites in this file, and states that it is " hot hot To Neymar. Whereas, conversely, cools to a coming of Antoine Griezmann. In Brazil, too, this operation reacts. Globe Sports Yesterday said that negotiations were advanced between the two clubs, and that an agreement could be found around € 100 M, plus one or more players. We are talking about Samuel Umtiti, Ousmane Dembélé or Ivan Rakitic.

Totti: " They dismissed me from everything. "

Francesco Totti's statements make the front page in Italy. Yesterday, at an incredible press conference, the legend of Rome settled with the management team of his club forever. Announcing his departure from Rome. And the least we can say is that Totti did not die. " I never had the opportunity to express myself, they never got me involved in any technical project. […] They dismissed me from everything. He said. Before adding: " Today is something different from the day of my retirement. I want to die today. I'd rather die. On Tuesday, the number 10 of AS Roma made headlines in many Italian newspapers, such as the Gazzetta dello Sport or again Corriere dello Sport. The press does not trust the image of The romanist who associates this press conference with the film " Revelation now ".

United wants to keep Pogba and extend Rashford

In England, Manchester United also want to keep their stars, especially midfielder Paul Pogba. The Mancunian leaders even proposed a very good salary upgrade for Pickaxe. O Daily Mail speaks of a salary of more than £ 500,000 per week, or more than € 2M per month. In total, this would represent no less than 29 million euros per season. In the columns of times, we learned that another Red Devil would have received a proposal for a new contract in the person of Marcus Rashford. There are no numbers mentioned here, but United's leaders hope to extend it for another year, a contract that binds the club until 2021.

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