Friday , July 23 2021

"That the judges of the Constitutional Council do not make a decision that could be fatal to the stability of the country"

Khalifa's political adviser, Ababacar Sall, is preparing to issue a serious warning against the seven judges of the Constitutional Council, who are due to publish on Sunday, December 20, the final list of candidates for the presidential election on February 24, 2019 "According to Moussa Taye," the Minister of Justice and the judicial hierarchy and their mercenary lawyers have failed miserably in the mission they received to eliminate the caliph Ababacar Sall by judicial means before the elections. "
Justification According to him, "they seek to pave the way for the Constitutional Council, pretending that only admitted candidates can make an appeal". What he thinks is "aberrant" and outrageous.

Taye to warn "So I would like to challenge the judges here and now to tell them to assume their responsibilities before history and not make mistakes that would be fatal to the stability of our country."

According to him, "Today, our country's law allows Khalifa Ababacar Sall to participate in the presidential election of February 2019. While the members of the Constitutional Council respect their oath and systematically refuse the pressures from where they come, even if they come from the President of Republic or its Minister for Justice "

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