TEN LESSONS OF A VOICE. By Mamadou Moustapha Fall, CRIC


Senegal has just made the eleventh presidential election in its history. The provisional results released by the polls and proclaimed on Thursday, February 28, 2019, by the National Electoral Census Commission are final.

The incumbent, Macky Sall of the Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition, crushes the competition by going largely to the first with a record rate of 58.27% out of a total of 4,383,879 valid votes. It is followed by Idrissa Seck of the 2017 Idy coalition credited with 898,674 votes or 20.50%, Sonko's Ousmane Sonko of the Sonko President coalition ranked third with 687,065 votes, or 15.67%, Issa Sall ranked fourth with 178,533 or 4.07 % and Madické Niang, which closes the market with 65,002 votes or 1.48%.

What lessons do we need from this election? 1st lesson: The Senegalese people once again showed their sense of responsibility. Voters overwhelmingly came to the polls, as the 66.23% voter turnout reflects. They voted elegantly and went discreetly home. Which is not a surprise. Lesson 2: National and international observers (SCENE, EU, ECOWAS, etc.) unanimously praised the excellent organization of the scrutiny and great maturity of the Senegalese people, who once again set an example. Lesson 3: The voting was conducted in absolute calm with the timely introduction of electoral materials and the improvement of security arrangements.

It is to the credit of the Ministry of the Interior led by Mr. Aly Ngouille Ndiaye that he deserves congratulations, as well as his collaborators, the Territorial Administration, the defense and security forces, the General Directorate of Elections, diplomatic missions, etc. 4th class: The great professionalism of Judge Demba Kandji, president of the National Census Commission and the magistrates who headed the Voting Census Departmental Committees. Lesson 5: Emotional voting was a key element of voting with a focus of a large portion of voters' votes on the child of the earth. This is the case of Macky Sall, who recorded the notes of the rivers in the regions of Fatick and Matam, Idrissa Seck, who dominated Thies and Ousmane Sonko, who was the first in Ziguinchor. Despite all his achievements in Touba that leap to the eye, Macky Sall was advanced in the Holy City. Lesson 6: Campaign programs were decisive in voter choices, especially in the Dakar region, which moved to the Benno Bokk Yaakaar camp.

In fact, Macky Sall's speech was better with the concerns of the Senegalese than with the opposition who rejected the leader of Benno Bokk Yaakaar without proposing an alternative offer. The efforts of President Macky Sall's lieutenants (who did not follow the candidate on their national journey unlike the Idrissa Seck Allies who followed him) and the achievements weighed heavily. Lesson 7: The rural world praised President Macky Sall for the effects of special programs such as Family Safety Grants, PUDC, PUMA. Even in the departments of Thiès and Ziguinchor, where Benno Bokk Yaakar was advancing in the metropolis, the rural areas favored President Macky Sall. Lesson 8: The number of political figures in a coalition still does not guarantee an increase in votes.

The most perfect illustration is provided by the Idy 2019 coalition, whose overwhelming majority of members are defeated in their own fiefs: Bamba Dièye in Saint-Louis, Khalifa Sall in Grand Yoff, Barthélémy Diaz in Mermoz Sacré Cœur, Amsatou Sow Sidibé in point E, Pope Diop in Dakar, Malick Gakou in Guediawaye, etc. Lesson 9: The opposition was not a fair game. It was at the beginning and at the end of the electoral process with representatives in all compartments of the electoral hierarchy: polling station, polling centers, departmental commissions, national commission. She participated in the proclamation of results at polling stations, in prefectures and in the Dakar Court of Appeal. The first salvoes of a race out of the opposition sounded when trends began to shift in favor of candidate Macky Sall. Lesson 10: The Senegalese are no longer embarking on the words of politicians going to war.

Despite the demonization that borders on hatred, decency forbids us to resume, despite the invectives that have nothing to envy, despite the multiplicity of false news, some more exaggerated than others, despite the catastrophic scenarios that did not shake the Senegalese, despite the threats of eager, power-hungry dreamers, voters chose discreetly and intelligently, thus separating the five candidates. These so-called candidates are invited to accept the verdict of the urn in respect to the sovereign people. This election shows, ultimately, that when people are called to speak, they do it most clearly, independently, and with full knowledge of the facts. Congratulations to the winner Macky Sall; encouragement to its competitors Idrissa Seck, Ousmane Sonko, Issa Sall and Madické Niang. Long live the Senegalese people, big, happy and justified.

Mamadou Moustapha FALL,
Coordinator of the Republican cell of information and communication (CRIC),
[email protected]


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