Telecom Budget: Mint Energie launches offer for professionals



Montpellier, April 17, 2019

Mint Energie launches offer for professionals

Telecommunications Budget (FR0004172450 – ALBUD)announces the April 29 launch of the declination for professionals of its Mint Energie electric power supply offer. The offer is intended for companies, traders, artisans, professions, self-employed entrepreneurs, small businesses or SMEs whose electricity meter is less than or equal to 36 kVA. France's micro and small business segment represents a market equivalent to 50% of the residential market. This market is an important growth area for Budget Telecom in the coming years.

Thanks to this new Mint Energie Pro offer, the professionals can benefit from a 100% ecological, less expensive and ecological offer at prices comparable to the general public offering. The exclusive "My Conso En Direct" service allows the offer recipient to monitor their real-time electricity consumption and identify their potential for savings as a strong argument for seducing professionals.

Kaled Zourray, President of Budget Telecom, comments on the launch of this new offer: "In the case of a company with a power of up to 36 kVA, there is no trade barrier to provide a cheaper green electricity supply solution. Any self-respecting entrepreneur should ask himself the question ofEco-responsibilityof your company, is now an important axis of CSR policy for a company and a decisive business argument. The main distinction that needs to be made between an individual and a company is the so-called energy consumption profile, which differs and needs to be integrated with our purchasing policy. The distribution model of this new offer will mainly be through our sponsorship and social networking system, our clients being the best ambassadors of our offer to your family network or friends … or professionals! ".

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