SUPPORT: Academia Ecobank strives to strengthen health systems in Africa


Ecobank Academy, the internal university of the leading independent Pan-African banking group, in collaboration with the Ecobank Foundation ( has launched an innovative development program aimed at optimizing health systems in Africa through rigorous financial management. , training effective executives with strong operational capabilities.

This program was jointly implemented by Ecobank Academy and The Global Fund with the support of other leading organizations in the areas of financial management, leadership and operations. It was opened by key figures including Togolese Health Minister, Grant Management Manager – Mustafa Mijiyawa, Global Fund Representative – Mark Eddinton and Executive Director of Corporate Banking.

Speaking on behalf of the CEO of Ecobank Group at the opening ceremony, Manekia said: "Since its inception, Ecobank has been strongly committed to strengthening economic growth throughout Africa. Ecobank has evolved not only into a pan-African world, but also as a bearer of a new Africa. The Bank is now an interested party in the traditional banking sector of 36 African countries and fully supports organizations that work continuously to promote the socioeconomic transformation of our communities in synergy with governments and private sector ".

The goal of this program is to deepen the skills of operational and fund management bodies and is divided into several modules, including leadership, strategy, knowledge management and sharing of best practices. Thus, the main objective of this training program is to help operational partners play their part in creating sustainable impacts on the communities they serve. In addition to being responsible for the subsidies they provide, partners are expected to be at the forefront of the mission to eradicate HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and epidemics, and must develop robust and resilient health systems. Ecobank fits this logic through its vision to ensure that no organization fails on its mission due to lack of access to knowledge.

On behalf of their respective teams, Simon Rey – Director of the Ecobank Academy & Organizational Development & Talent Group and Carl Manlan – Operations Director of the Ecobank Foundation jointly stated: "We fundamentally believe that we have every interest in building a pool of professionals who This program is organized with the firm conviction that, by training and developing an ecosystem of financial managers in the life-saving development sector, every CFA franc, every dollar or euro disbursed will have largely served the cause ".

It becomes strategic to create the infrastructure that will turn financial executives into change leaders. Likewise, expanding access to knowledge and learning opportunities will enable operational partners to manage funds more effectively for the benefit of communities.

Source: Ecobank / JMI APO Group.


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