Spain: Suarez rescues Barca and Real re-emerges from Vinicius


Madrid – Insatiable! With Luis Suarez's triple shot, he twice opposed Rayo Vallecano (3-2) to rescue the Barcelona captain on Saturday's 11th day of the Spanish league against Valladolid (2-0) against Real Madrid against young Vinicius.

In the absence of Lionel Messi, who continues to handle a broken arm, Suarez takes care of everything: the fifth and sixth (11th and 90th) of the weekend during the three days that French Ousmane Dembele put in, who in a 87th minute with a nice volleyball level, while Barça was 2-1.

This is the win for Barça (1, 24 points) before Atlético Madrid (2nd, 20 points), Deportivo Alavés (3, 20 points), Sevilla FC (4, 19 points) Espanyol Barcelona (5th, 18 points). Valladolid's winner Real Madrid is sixth with 17 points.

On the rich Saturday of three Madrid posters, the "small"Barça made it tough for the Spanish boys: Barca almost from the last before the end, Real waited for the final ten minutes and Atlético, who thanks to Leganés, Antoine Griezmann, joined the home straight (1-1).

This means that this league is unpredictable! Who could have said that Barça, the Imperial last weekend against Classic Real (5-1), would suffer so much against the sponsor? And could you imagine Suarez, the start of the season's start, an ogre to replace Messi's absence?

"Dwarves, the goal that matters –

Do not moderate Dembel's performance: the first is very rough as in the last few weeks, the French has achieved a goal that can count and wake up in the season due to the loss of the ball or the delays. And thanks to him, Barca has broken three important points in the mind and without Messi.

Real also made a pragmatic achievement in a poorly committed match, where Valladolid twice found the Madrid cross.

The Merengue team, assisted by Santiago Solari, was rescued by a Vinicius (18) shooter, which was defended by Kiko Olivas (83) into his own cage. Karim Benzema was awarded a penalty for Captain Sergio Ramos (88th) wins the winning win after five games without winning the Liga: four defeats, one line.

He is cruel to the supported Valladolid, which is the property of ex-Brazilian striker Ronaldo. But this is good news for Solari, who hopes to convince President Florentino Pérez to keep it on the bench. "I had to win", he enjoyed the Argentine technician.

– Captain Griezmann was not enough –

It's incredible to think that the Champions League is a great three-time champion of a 18-year-old boy who has just arrived from Flamengo, Brazil. "When I got the ball, I could imagine it. I took one, two or three numbers and pulled it hard"Vinicius said.

This sums up Real's current doubts as Julen Lopetegui's coach did not solve some of the key issues, such as Gareth Bale's ongoing mistrust, instead of Monday, in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

The knock on Saturday's Leganes on Atlético is a small stand before Tuesday's high-risk revenge against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, fifteen days after the 4-0 bout in Germany.

THE "colchoneros"is the same as Griezmann, the wearer of the Captain's armband for the first time, formally in his official match with his club.

The French thought he could score points in the Ballon d'Or race: a 25m straight free cross was sent in the cross (69), the third league goal this season. But that was not enough …


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