Sory Kaba accuses Sonko: »It is financed by Russian lobbies who must send money to him in two folders within 48 hours»


XALIMANEWS: Coming to attend the meeting of the young members of Coold (the Convergence of Young Republicans) of Kolda, the director of the Senegalese overseas, Sory Kaba, carried heavy accusations to the Pastef leader. According to Sory Kaba, Ousmane Sonko used outside funds to finance the rest of his campaign.
"With reliable information, Ousmane Sonko is funded by Russian lobbies who are supposed to send money to him in two folders within 48 hours, and he is defaulting after four days of campaigning, and he is trying to use these lobbies to continue his campaign These are two cases of money that will pass through Guinea-Bissau … I think aloud to ask Mr. Derneville to accompany him to stay at the window, if he does not want to get in trouble with justice. had to pass from Guinea-Bissau and is expected within 48 hours in Senegal in two suitcases that belonged to Ousmane Sonko to support him in his election campaign, it is not worthy of our democracy, "said Sory Kaba.


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