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«So much so that Aida does not violate the loi…» – Rewmi

You are in a relationship that is likely to provoke the general khalife of the Mourides, and then you have Aïda Diallo to present the excuses to the patriarch of Touba. Interpellé sur la situation qui prevaut au niveau des Thiantacounes, the Minister de l'Intérieur tranche net: 'For the moment, in which it concerns the plan of the securité, that is not a problem at the niveau. Our savions are what we should do and the beast. 'I estimate that the house has been defunct Cheikh Béthio Thioune relieved for the moment of the private domaine. «Sokhna Aïda is a cytoyenne. Elle peut faire tout ce qui est pas interdit para la loi. L'essentiel, qu'il n'y ait pas troubles à l'ordre public. It's the private organizations. Our demands on the matter of calm, car chacun by the organizer of the manifestation, which are politically or religiously, are not yet necessary, 'explain the minister of l'Intérieur.

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