Senegal newspapers are facts, politics and hydrocarbons


"Trying to kill a vicious death near the Republic Palace is a true story of the victim," said L & # 39; Observateur on the front.

Our staff reported that 46-year-old Cheikh Tidiane Diopot was jailed in 2016 for "forgery and forgery". "The victim of an imprisoned prison sentence and his right arm were amputated, and he is seeking compensation for the court, but he rejects it." In the misery of a child suffering from a pulmonary infection, the former emigrant attempts to sacrifice him to stigmatize the injustice he suffered, staying in the main hospital and stabilizing, "says Obs .

"Republic Avenue is an inadvertent attempt to tune in with the fire and join the palace," adds South Daily.

For his part, Vox Populi speaks "tragically on Friday in Podori (North), where" 4 dead and 3 miss the ghost sinking ". The article also notes 15 survivors, including the Senegalese shipwright who delivered the Mauritans returning from the weekly Galoya market to Wending.

"Social Networking and Presidential Election: These Great Oppressives by Macky" Walf Quotidien, who informs the Opposition Pds of Senegal that he has ruled out Madické Niang, presiding over me against Wade.

"Pds no longer wants to see Madické Niang at the Parliament – The forbidden brother who was called to be replaced by a deputy (L & # 39; As), so Daily says" Madické case, Liberal International : Blue Wrath of the Pds ".

In this journal, Pds believes that "Madické must deduct the consequences of his resignation".

Meanwhile, Libération focuses on the "state of affairs between African oil and Senegal states facing the ICSID" and informs that "incompatibility … carries the arbitrator".

"Transparency in mineral extracting industries: civil society mocks Macky's darkness," notes Walf Quotidien, in which the Civil Forum Birahim Seck calls on the government to lift the IGE report.

In Sud Quotidien, "civil society faces Macky," and says that it is up to the government to provide all guarantees and transparency so that there can be serious debate on the management of hydrocarbons.



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