Senegal holds its breath before announcing the results


In Senegal, the provisional results of the first round of the presidential election are to be announced this Thursday, February 28 at 11am. The five candidates will then have 72 hours to submit any appeal at the level of the Constitutional Council, the institution responsible for announcing the final results. The promulgation of these provisional results will be made in a tense political climate as Macky Sall's presidential majority claims victory in the first round, while Idrissa Seck is convinced to be in the second round.

The provisional results of the first round will be announced in the capital court, where the National Voting Committee is located.

Since Tuesday, Judge Demba Kandji and his team, in the presence of the representatives of the 5 candidates, have compiled the minutes of the 45 departments and also settled the claims that were made at the end of the count. The national commission is in fact the only one empowered to do so at this stage of the process.

The proclamation on Thursday at 11am is obviously long awaited by the population fearing political tensions. Because since Sunday night the opposition, led by Idrissa Seck, and the presidential majority multiply statements.

For the ruling coalition, Macky Sall's re-election is obvious. The opposition, which has published its own results on social networks, will certainly be in the second round. If the vote went very well on Sunday, if the attendance could be exceptional – the authorities advance a rate of 65% – the lack of political dialogue for months and the consensus in the organization of the vote exacerbated the tensions. between the majority and the coalition.

The civil society observation missions called for calm, to respect the provisional results. The vast majority of Senegalese also expect political leaders to accept the verdict of the ballot box.


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