Thursday , June 24 2021

Renaud Line: this very personal regret that she learned to live with

The Renaud line is back. After complicated months, the actress regained her form. Last April, she suffered a stroke that left her without consequences, but weakened her for months. On the set of Seven Eight this Sunday, October 25, the actress confided that she had a bad experience with her rehabilitation, during which she was infantilized. But at 92, Line Renaud no longer wants to repent. In TF1, in fact, she returned to one of the sadnesses of her life: that of never having children. If the fact of never being a mother is “more” regret for your life, a long time ago. “Not anymore. Up to 70, maybe 75said Renaud Line. The lack of children … But no, now I’m fine with Muriel (Robin) and Claude (Chirac). Very very good.” Surrounded by her two daughters at heart, the actress successfully accepted the fact that she did not give birth.

Loulou Gasté married her for 45 years, Line Renaud never had a child. In Un jour un destin, a few years ago, she reported a childhood trauma that prevented her from becoming pregnant during her life: “I had a miscarriage … A miscarriage, I got close to sepsis and that’s why it marked me. That’s what, young man, probably hurt me the most.” Pregnant with only 18 years of husband, Line Renaud still could not take this child and was deterred by family members. In particular your grandmother, “she who was a 17 year old girl and had suffered so much” and your mate in person because “Loulou didn’t want to be a father”. In Elle magazine columns, she reported her clandestine abortion and “the old woman who rummaged in (her) belly with a knitting needle”.

Friends like children

“Later, I would have liked to adopt a baby. Loulou always refused. I was a little like your child”continued Renaud Line. Without children, the actress built strong friendships. Some of your relatives have even become real members of your family.. “I was comforted when a magnificent bond with Claude Chirac was established. I met her in Los Angeles, she was 15 years old, and the affection, so strong, has developed over the years, explained the former review leader, our colleagues. My own daughter may not be as loving and consistent as she knows she can be. “ Like Claude Chirac, there is Muriel Robin, Dany Boon and Johnny Hallyday, of whom she was godmother. “I didn’t have the trouble to create them, but I would have liked it. They are really my daughters. The oldest is Claude because she arrived first, she was 15 years old and Muriel came into my life a little later in 98 “, she explained in France 2, before being the evocation of Taulier, “a child who has always been like this”.

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