Reassure Senegal! (By Serigne Mbacké Ndiaye)


"Boroom caq moyu day boroom baatu neen" is the custom to say (one who wears a leash should be careful who does not have one). Our country is only a few months away from a presidential election. And for this competition, I have chosen, freely and independently, my candidate named Macky SALL, this one since 2012. I am fighting with all my strength to make my contribution, as modest as his re-election, which for me is not a shadow of a doubt. That is why, in all humility, I allow myself to be involved in this reflection aloud and to tell my friends, brothers, sisters and comrades of the Presidential Movement what I think, which I think is good for Senegal. and for our candidate.
From this perspective, I must admit that this reflection is based on certainties which, of course, are entirely my responsibility.
The first certainty is that our candidate is largely the majority. Your background gives you a clear advantage over your opponents. Some will tell me that a balance sheet is not enough to win, otherwise the WADE would not have lost in 2012. For those I reply, this comparison is not right. If the WADE lost because many Senegalese believed he would transfer power to his son. He was therefore beaten up by a "monarchical devolution" of supposedly or true power. The other factor that contributed to their defeat in the current context, these two arguments can not be opposed to Macky SALL, especially because it offers comforting Senegalese perspectives. In addition, let's recognize him, have the best profile, is calm, serene, hardworking, strict, defends the interests of Senegal, ensures the country, ensures a certain leadership, deals with religious leaders and religious cities.
My second conviction is that those opponents that I respect a lot and who are for some friends and siblings, do not do the weight in front of it.
In 2012, WADE had candidates ahead of them whose four could, on average, get every 10% of the electorate. Macky had 26%, NIASS 14%, Tanor 11% and Idrissa 7%. But for this 2019 election, if I asked you to quote me two Macky opposing candidates who would cross the 5% barrier, you will hesitate before answering.
In addition, analyzing the results of the last legislative elections and aware that an opinion never fundamentally changes in a year, I come to a reassuring conclusion. Judge:
The coalition led by President WADE himself and including the great names of Pope Diop and Madické Niang won 500,000 votes. For this presidential election, these two (the Pope DIOP and Madické NIANG) are all candidates and will nibble these 500,000 votes, not to mention the other candidate Samuel SARR, who will certainly lead the PDS activists.
The PUR considered as the revelation of these legislative elections had 170,000 votes and all others were elected only on the basis of the strongest remaining. That means none of these candidates pose a threat to Macky SALL. How does a candidate struggling to find the 52,000 signatures required for their sponsorship win an election?
Then a question arises for me, why suddenly the opposition begins to claim the electoral archive? Out of respect, I dare to believe that it is not to fraudulently comply with the sponsorship, it being understood that the voter is not able to check whether his name is on a list or not. In fact, for sponsorship, we do not need to have the file. Each voter has his voter and ID card, enough to provide all the information. At this point I can say that in addition to Macky SALL, Karim WADE, Malick GAKOU, maybe Idrissa SECK and PUR, all others are struggling to find the required number. The clever ones have found a pretext to withdraw and others will support other candidates. It is because they are aware of all of the above that Macky's opponents are trying to establish a perception based on fallacious arguments like "he is not generous, he does not respect his word, his wife has influence over the affairs of the state." But is a president elected to distribute money? I think not. He is elected to take care of the Senegalese concerns, which Macky does wonderfully well, even if everything is not perfect. For example, we no longer know the power cuts with SENELEC, rural electrification has gone from 18 to 60%, water supply also in rural areas, family subsidies reach 400,000 homes, Dakar Dem Dikk gives full satisfaction, the most beautiful conquest that is the bridge Farafégné will definitely solve the problem of opening the Casamance not to mention the end of the conflict in this part of Senegal. Prices for staple foods have fallen sharply since 2012 and Senegalese purchasing power has remained at this level.
Also if we compare Macky to Senghor and Diouf, he is a generous man. But if you compare it to WADE, it is not. These two men do not have the same philosophy even less the same sources of income. What about respecting the word given? The human being has only his will, but does not control the factors that allow him to scrupulously respect his commitments. The key is to have the courage, at any time and under any circumstances, to take responsibility, to take on the Senegalese. And your wife in all this? She is the model of the Senegalese worthy of being the wife of a head of state. This lady did not wait for her husband's accession to the supreme magistracy to enjoy the delights of power. She has struggled in difficult times with her husband and those who criticize her today are witnesses. Once in power, she stood on the side of the weak and destitute, not to mention religious homes.
For all these reasons that confirm my belief that our candidate will win in the first round, I ask the Minister of the Interior to reassure, not the political parties that haunt the whole way, but the Senegalese who want to vote in peace and serenity. The parties are wrong to boycott consultations on the electoral process and the international audit of the process. No one can claim their own clumsiness. But for the Senegalese, I ask the Minister of the Interior:
– allow the parties to consult the file at any time;
– Do not wait for the "15 days at least" provided by the electoral code, but submit the process to the candidates selected by the Constitutional Council;
– Put the file on the internet.

Serigne Mbacké NDIAYE
President of the CLP – Liberal and Patriotic Convergence –
Coordinator of RAPPEL
Rally for the Sustainability of Liberalism


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