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Real estate agent, can we really do without it?

FacebookGOOGLE_PLUSlinkedinby François Gagnon, President ERA Europe and ERA France

As the debate about real estate agents comes up regularly in the discussions, it is important to redefine their roles and missions. Because although some think that real estate professionals' fees are too high, the barometer of the 3rd OpinionSystem / IFOP reveals that the satisfaction rate with real estate agents is increasing. So why turn to a real estate agent?

To sell at the best price

The first step to take when you want to sell your home is to determine the value. This approach can quickly become complex, because often the effect a person carries to their accommodation can distort this stage. The real estate agent will have a neutral view and perfectly knows the local real estate market. He will be able to set the value of the residence as close as possible and thus determine the amount that buyers are willing to pay. It is by posting a fair price that the visits can be organized and that we can arouse the interest of the candidates for the purchase. Choosing a real estate agent allows you to sell your property at the best possible price. Finally, the professional will have the relevant arguments to justify the price displayed to potential buyers.

Determining the value of a home can not be done remotely. It is necessary to move to immerse yourself in the good, your environment and set your positives and negatives so that the visitors have all the cards in hand and thus avoid the disappointments.

We know that some sites offer to determine the value of a home from a distance. But a fair price can not be determined only from statistics, the reality is much more complex. This is why the ERA Immobilier network offers the "Multi-Expertise ERA", which combines four estimation techniques that determine a price range in which the property for sale is located. This estimate also helps determine the profile of potential buyers and the value of the property in the rental market. But also weigh the elements of valuing the property and direct the goods directly into competition.

Therefore, it is recommended that people who nevertheless wish to sell their property directly use a real estate agent in order to compare the value transmitted by the real estate professional to that obtained on the Internet.

To sell faster

Once the value of housing is determined, real estate agents will be able to filter calls and select buyers to avoid "unnecessary" visits. The agent also asks if the person who visits the property does not let anyone enter a residence. These procedures usually take a lot of time and, even more, for a person who is not divided into the exercise. That's why using a real estate agent undeniably simplifies the process and saves valuable time.

To benefit from modern and efficient tools

In addition, real estate agents have a mission of service and consulting, and have innovative tools that can be more efficient and better serve customers, such as immersive virtual reality tours, 3D mapping and more. / or reports of visits online. These modern techniques are also useful for accurately and easily defining buyers' search criteria. The real estate agents also carry out communication campaigns that allow to put the merchandise in value in supports accessible only by professionals.

To download administrative procedures and protect the transaction

Due to the complexity of the procedures involved in a transaction, individuals can quickly become overwhelmed and do not know what to do. The role of real estate agent is to assist individuals in their daily living in their real estate and support them in administrative procedures.

Going through a real estate agent, we are dealing with a professional who has received training and who has professional liability insurance that protects his client when necessary. Because a live sale involves risks: buying at the wrong price, discovering legal or administrative defects … These concerns, which may prove irremediable, are avoided when using a real estate professional. The security aspect is essential in all real estate paths and should not be overlooked.

Because the satisfaction of having sold your property at the right price and under the best possible conditions will last far longer than the concern of having paid fees to a real estate agent.

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