Raoul Taburin, a Pierre Godeau film adapted from the book by Jean Jacques Sempe


Project of the film Raoul Taburin

The project of this comic movie by Pierre Godeau was initiated thanks to discussions between Guillaume Laurant, scnarist of the fabulous destination of Amlie Poulain and the designer of the famous Petit Nicolas. Often approached for the adaptation of Raoul Taburin , but I hate it because he is the author of graphic history as well as drawings, Jean-Jacques Semp finally cd.

What is the plot of this book by Jean-Jacques Semp?

Raoul Taburin follows a bicycles who carries a secret in him. Although he is an expert in bicycle repair, he does not know how to ride a bicycle. The plot is based on the fictional village of Saint-Cronwhere objects take the names of merchants.


Raoul Taburin, the film was released on April 17, 2019 Courtesy of Path Distribution

How is the original work?

Each drawing of the book, usually in color, is accompanied by a text. The story is a reflection of the potic, humorous and melancholic world of theFrench author. In an interview, the writer states that he never imagined that the movie theater may be interested in your work and turn it into a movie.

The transformation of this fable into the big screen

according Guillaume Laurant, it was necessary to feed the fable Raoul Taburin to fit it on the big screen. The original version had a shortcut sense that was not appropriate for the movie. For this, the singer worked in collaboration with Pierre Godeau.


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