Quinté Wednesday 30/01: Just a formality, a good point of support!


Quinté Wednesday 30/01: Just a formality, a good point of support!

The Quinté this Wednesday, January 30, is held at the racetrack in Cagnes-sur-Mer, at a gallop. Old horses will fight on the grass at 2500 meters. A race that could be a matter of experts. According to us, Regular A Formality (n ° 9 – Mr. Guyon) has a good chance.

The residents of Christophe Escuder are on top
and never stop shining. Extremely regular Only one formality (No 9 – Mr Guyon) just
also to prove its form, ranking 2and a race to
conditions in 2400 meters of grass, ahead of some of its rivals of the day. THE
the arrival of the last four quintés he ran, the horse is in full swing
in its category. Maxime Guyon knows him and together they are particularly
rated 3and of the Prix Policeman in 2017. Manageable and generous in effort,
Just a formality should not
Exactly, in the conditions of race of 1/1, our favorite
in front of Go Fast (# 15 – E. Hardouin). They are again under the same weight conditions, which
benefit ratio for the Christophe Escuder resident (note: there were 2
lengths in their favor that day). However, Go fast was a little behind and should be better than the
last time. He likes Cagnes and has never been so down on the stairs
values. So be careful about it, especially since it can take orders from
the test.

Easy winner of a quinté on November 10 Momour (n ° 2 – C. Soumillon) has
logically was penalized with 3.5 kilos. The last shot, the walk was too much
high in one of the stages of the Galop Challenge. He may have progressed and it seems
still able to take a place. At the top of the table, the
top-weight, Max The Rogue (# 1 – T.
no more to introduce. Real rent, it takes part in your
twentieth quinté (2 hits). On January 4, in Deauville, he was back
and needed to run, was a nice final effort. Should be
ready to fight, especially since his mentor Rodolphe Collet should not
take the trip for nothing. He concluded 3and this year the year
last but it is more loaded. However, he can still push back his
Limits. For your side, Charmey (n ° 13 – I.
has not been reviewed since its 2and put in the price
Reproduction (quinté) on 06/11. Running in its freshness should not be a
worry, the mare is in constant progress and seems capable of winning
new quince.

The longer the last shot, More than that (No. 12 – C. Demuro) was running very well, getting
classifying 4and in a handicap. Winner on January 2, despite the
overweight, he confirmed his good current arrangements. He is
It is rare that Yann Barberot moves on the Riviera, but when he does
never without ambition. Especially here your horse has a lot of commerce and
means. At the bottom of the table, quiet
Zain (No. 14 – Mr. Forest)
is watch too. Adept of Cagnes, there
Never been disappointed in 7 attempts! Author of an excellent spring, he is less
playful this winter. The last shot was ahead Just a formality and Go fast was, however, very poorly located in weight. He has a shot to play especially in
this value. Since, however, he has fully regained his level. finally,
Venerable (n ° 11 – S. Pasquier) was
mounted for her the 1/1 in the reference race. It is not always
It is easy to judge, but she is capable of beautiful things being decided. with
1 in the stands, flasher, the rise of Stéphane Pasquier and be
downloaded in a pound, still has assets to dispute the arrival.

Game Council:

Simple G / P # 9

Reference Courses:

Compiègne, 24/07/18, Price of Plaine du Putois (Max La
Ladino 2and)


Saint-Cloud, 27/03/18, Languedoc Price (Bo Papa 1st,
Go fast 2and, Just a formality 4and )


Cagnes-sur-Mer, 31/01/18, Rauba Capeu Prize (Max La
Ladino 3and)


Marseille-Borely, 26/02/18, Marseille-Borely Handicap
(Only a formality 1st)


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