Quinté on Saturday 04/04: Freyja du Pont on the way to Criterium


Quinté on Saturday 04/04: Freyja du Pont on the way to Criterium

It is the longtime favorite Freyja du Pont (5 – JM Bazire), who won our "beautiful quinté" this Saturday, April 20, in Enghien-Soisy, the Gaston de Wazieres Award – Casino Barrière Enghien Award (Group II – Female Engaged – 100,000 euros – 2,875 meters – 3rd race at 15:15), the last preparatory test for foals at the next Criterium des 4 Ans.

Coming easily to take the lead in a round of the goal, the favorite Freyja
of the Ponte (5 – J.M. Bazire)
then easily controlled the operations,
to win, once again, a very good filly. With this handsome
victory, it is very likely that Jean-Michel Bazire be tempted
by the Critérium des 4 Ans, which will be played on Sunday, May 5, at the racetrack
of Paris-Vincennes.

Honorary access was taken by an excellent Racine Fanina
(7-E. Raffin)
. Party at a small gallop, the resident ofAlexander
He quickly got the best while making some jokes.
Then on a 3th and a 4th line for the rope in the
last lap was easily erased shortly after the
straight and finished very hard, finally very close to the winner, in
the same time as 1 & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

The tiercé was completed by Divide the Bise (11 – F. Anne). Entering
at the end of the first pass ahead, the student of Franck Anne was
retransmitted by Freyja du Pont (5 – J.M. Bazire) has a goal turn, so she
he defended himself honorably (as usual) to the end.

this is Ferreréria (13 – M. Abrivard) who took over the 4th in your place. Brought back to "the wagon of two", animated by Fame
Fortuna (3 – F. Nivard)
"The Great" mapped out a pleasant
straight line, ending well outside.

The quinté was completed by a great outsider, Flora of January
(9 Blandin)
to more than 100/1. Best known at the trot, the resident
in Franck Blandin has enjoyed many disqualifications to
complete the right combination, finishing away from the top four.

In terms of disqualifications:

Ted (8 – D. Thomain)
: From the beginning, come back.

Bourbon (6-J.P. Monclin)
: At the end of the opposite line, in the first pass, while
found in 2-3th position.

Fly with us
(12-Y. Lebourgeois)
: A little over a lap from the end, while she was in the tail of

Folelli (10
– A. Abrivard
: At the end of the last pass ahead, while she was well placed on
a 3th line to rope (in 4th position). She has
maybe "typed" into the grumpy Divide the Bise (11 – F. Anne) who was in front of her.

White fairy
(4 – A. Barrier)
: At the entrance to the final straight line, while she was 4-5th position at that time.

Fortuna (3 – F. Nivard)
: 100 meters from the goal as she tried to attack Freyja de
Ponte (5 – J.M. Bazire)
previously, but it seemed at its ends, only
progressing more.

The note Fan of
Racques (7 – E. Raffin) – 2th at 11/1

Leaving at a gallop, she quickly accepted orders, then
a 3th and a 4th line for the last string
footbridge Racine fan (7), cleared quickly enough in the
finish line, then it ended very quickly, not far from the laureate Freyja
of the Ponte (5 – J.M. Bazire)

The deception: arrow
Bourbon (6-J.P. Monclin) – declassified to 5.8 / 1

Bourbon (6)
suddenly defective at the end of the first pass ahead, while she
came out, outside the host (of the moment) Split the Bise
(11 – F. Anne)

reports, LETURF.fr posted again the best reports
in a game in 5 horses, with no concept of order (reports 1 euro in the 3th race at Enghien at the Gaston de Wazières Prize – Prix Casino Barrière at Enghien)

LETURF.fr (Top 5): 200.20 euros

PMU (Quinté disorder): 45.20 euros

do not test Sunday March 10 the "Top 5" in the Prix du Prix du
President of the Republic – Our Lady of Paris Prize at Auteuil (R1)?


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