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Quinté of Tuesday 25/06: Queen of the Family on the wire!

Quinté of Tuesday 25/06: Queen of the Family on the wire!

Quinté + at night in Paris-Vincennes (the meeting scheduled for Auteuil was canceled), this Tuesday, June 25, at the Nunky Prize, the 3rd test of the program (8:15 pm). More than 13 mares of 4 years (not having won 67 000 €) on the track, after the pass of 12 Fleur de Larré, in the 2700 meters of the great track. The victory went to the queen of the family (8-E.Raffin), who set the record, imposing the minimum, driven very coldly by his pilot.

Consultant at 3601, Eric Raffin had announced the color with Queen of the Family (8) : "I drove it upside down last time" he said,
before the race. Tonight, much more patient, he took advantage of the back of flower
Ball (7- M.Mottier)
at the last corner, for
return "shoot" his rival in the post! Of the beautiful
book even if the difference is too thin in the end.

Waiting in the second part of the package, flower
Ball (7)
rose the
rise, accelerating sharply. At the entrance of the straight line, she ran and
was an illusion, but in the last days, she had to confess
conquered, without demerit.

Great leader of the event, leader and
rope, Foxy Lady (13- A. Abrivard) was generous to the end. At the finish line, then
having to counter the favorite, Flannel of Loiron (2-
she could not do anything against
the first two. It concludes in third place, in retreat. With her, we know
many times it's all or nothing, she stayed wise tonight …

Behind this winner, Fairy Lunojo
(5- F.Nivard)
occupies the fourth place.
Always there, on the side of the rope, then accelerating at the beginning of the straight line, she
returned to finish a place at the end of the Quinté.

Maintained, after investigation, Falling in
Love (10- A.Lamy)
then ends in fifth, then
have long-time waiters. Restriction for large exteriors at the end
spinning, she had trouble finishing, "tinkering" a little
the final Flaya do Saptel (1- Vercruysse) she fails at the top of the Quinté beats. Still in the wake of
the facilitator, along the path, she could not support her effort to the end.

11 (from the start) – 6 (in front of the bleachers)

The note : Fairy of Lunojo (5- F.Nivard) 4th to 10/1

she is proving tonight that she is competitive at this level. Tonight,
equipped with an ear plug, she behaved well, without having the best
Clear in the last 200 meters. To a surprise soon, a lot

The deception : Flannel of Loiron (2-
9th in 2.2 / 1

A course
bad dream! Coming quickly to the plain, she tried to take the lead,
in vain, she was doomed to travel with her nose in the wind. Efforts that she
took forever to pay from the beginning of the finish line. Cruel disappointment to
its many buyers.

Parallel reports, the site,
again posted the best reports on a game on 5 horses without
notion of order (reports for 1 euro), in the 3rd race in Paris-Vincennes,
in the Nunky Prize.

– (Top 5): 216.58

– PMU (Quinté Disorder): 60.70

Why not test tomorrow, Wednesday, June 26, the "Top 5" in the eighth test
the program in Vichy, the Prix du Bois de Bouc (R1) ?

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