PSG wants the return of Ibra! – soccer


In a promotional tour of his autobiography, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he could become the new strong man of the capital's club.

I'm soccer. Four years after a first autobiography entitled I'm ZlatanZlatan Ibrahimovic opened a new book to tell his rich and glorious career. The opportunity to reveal that his arrival at PSG in the summer of 2012 was against his will. Deciding to stay at AC Milan, the Swedish giant actually had to bend to the will of the Parisian leaders to bring him to the capital, Leonardo and others willing to satisfy all their desires to convince him to join the group. League 1.

Six years later, Zlatan Ibrahimovic left PSG for more than two years and the former number 10 in Paris is planning to return to Paris. As proof, his remarks were conveyed by Le Parisien. "At PSG, by the way, they also want me to work for the club, he said, adding, To do what I want. Because if I go back to PSG, it's to be the boss. " The former Mancunian also assured in an interview to L & # 39; Team Magazine have been happy in Paris. A shared happiness. "I am very happy to have been to Paris. And PSG is very happy that I came, because with me, he saw something he had never seen before "he said, actually.

Under contract to the Galaxy until the end of 2019, Ibra, on the other hand, excludes the return to play in Europe and that several clubs like Milan or Real Madrid would think about offering him a freelancer of six months in January. "I belong to the Galaxy, I'm a Galaxy player, I do not go abroad and I do not do things like that, loans, etc. I do not need it" he assured her.


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