PSG – PSG: Veronique Rabiot denies rumors and increases suspense!


Adrien Rabiot is the subject of many rumors in recent weeks, the absolute silence of the Paris Saint-Germain sock, with the exception of a few abstruse messages on social networks, helping to maintain the imprecision about his future in PSG and probably elsewhere. in Paris SG. Although it was learned on Sunday that he had the pain of losing his father, Adrien Rabiot would have declined a bid from Tottenham announcing the team. But on Monday afternoon, Philippe Sanfourche, who spoke to Veronique Rabiot, relayed the words of the latter, which completely swept all the rumors circulating in the name of his son.

" VĂ©ronique Rabiot, mother and agent of Adrien Rabiot, flatly denies refusing an offer from Tottenham or any other club. The Rabiot family, affected by two successive mourning, is at the time of meditation and did not discuss the future of the player. The RTL journalist explains. A priori, four days after the end of the winter transfer window, and while his contract at Paris Saint-Germain ends in a few months, Adrien Rabiot has not yet chosen his future destination. The suspense will still last until January 31 at midnight.


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