PSG – PSG: This radical change from Real to Mbappé


PSG: This radical change from Real Plan to Mbappé

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Real Madrid's new coach Zinedine Zidane returns to the White House in a strong position.

His absence of a few months left a totally helpless club crying out and Cristiano Ronaldo, failing in his goals to win the League and maintain the Champions League. To remedy this, a major turbulence is planned for this summer. The French coach will be entitled to an envelope rarely seen to strengthen his team in the transfer market, and this may necessarily trigger the most crazy rumors.

The idea of ​​forcing Kylian Mbappé was mentioned some time ago. But according to AS, it would be more relevant to Real Madrid, who understood that between the player's message in his future, PSG's desire to keep it and the absence of clause release, this transfer was totally impossible. The world champion is impossible to move from Paris. That's why the club in Madrid decided not to waste time on this issue, giving up completely to focus on the adventures of Eden Hazard and Paul Pogba. Not to upset the PSG, who will certainly follow these two cases where he is not involved from far away.


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