PSG | PSG – Malaise: The focus of the Brazilian federation on the Neymar injury!


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Posted on January 28, 2019 at 11:45 pm by J.-G.D.

The Brazilian Football Federation, through its coordinator Edu Gaspar, explains that CBF will respect the prerogatives of PSG in relation to the new injury of Neymar.

A few days before the eighth-finals of the Champions League against Manchester united, Thomas Tuchel should now do without the presence of Neymar. The star of Paris Saint-Germain fell on the fifth metatarsal, a lesion that has moved away from the field for several months last season. Paris United guarantees that this new injury may be subject to a real impasse between the leadership of the PSG and the Brazilian national team, anxious to bring Neymar back to the country to prepare for the next Copa America. But from the side of Selectionwe are more measured.

"We must respect the decisions taken by PSG"

" We must remember that Neymar is a Paris Saint-Germain player and we must respect the decisions made by the club. Rodrigo Lasmar, doctor of the selection, will help. And then, after that, we'll make the technical decisions. Paris is quite conservative. They called the club's doctor, Dr. Lasmar, and other experts to make a decision later. », So tempered Edu Gasparcoordinator of CBF (Brazilian Football Federation), in retransmitted declarations The defenders of the channel.


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