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Prix ​​Royal-Oak (Gr.I), dimanche to ParisLongchamp. HOLDTHASIGREEN défend son titre

Last Groupe I from l'année, in France, for the stayers, le Prix ​​Royal Oak 2019 Réunira, Dimanche, to ParisLongchamp, plusieurs spécialistes des touris de cet finit. In this 7-year-old presence HOLTHASIGREEN (photo-503). Classical event in 2017, all disputed, to Saint-Cloud, and lauréat of the previous condition, to the avenue for each of the Chanpodrome Chantilly, the fils of Hold that tiger trying to introduce a new one was not the spokesman of this competition, and the Paris track Longlham. You are forced to find out that you are present in the possession of these children and the protégé of Bruno Audouin from faire sien the Prix du Cadran (Gr.I), il and three weeks later, sur cet anneau. Confirm and efficacious about the three problems, the development of the surface is a matter of convenience. Author of parameters which designate as a series for the victoire.

Le régulier CALL THE WIND (504), the tomb of the Prix du Cadran, l'an dernier, advancing to class 2e, plus the Prix Kergorlay (Gr.II), and Cadran (Gr.I), et CALLED TO THE BAR (501), 2nd and 2nd edict of the Prix Royal-Oak, and vainqueur cette année of the Prix Right Royal (Listed-race), owing to the premier nommé, debut avril à Chantilly, the Prix Vicomtesse Vigier (Gr.II), devant Call the wind, which is most relevant to Paris Longchamp, furthermore that of the Prix Gladiateur (Gr.III), debut september, on the proposed treaty, to 3,100 meters, to Paris Longchamp, all but indications for the route of a new succession.

How much WAY TO PARIS (502), on the road to the son of the century Prix du Cadran, à la Britannique LAH TI GIVE (505), nouvelle venue ambitieuse sur la distance, sans oublier 3-ans, TECHNICIAN (508), which is the result of the success of the Prix de Chaudenay (Gr.II), in the face of contemporary times, in the wake of more than one year, they are certainly present in victorious expiators. S.D.

Grand Prix Royal Oak Departure: 3:50 pm, departs to Paris Longchamp.

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