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Principle of operation of mutual health

A mutual health insurance reimburses you for part of your health care (routine, dentistry, optician, hospitalization). How your mutual support is repaid based on your social security reimbursement rates. Most repayments made by mutuals are presented in mutual health insurance contracts as a percentage of the social security repayment base.

Take for example the reimbursement of a dental appliance billed € 500 by a dentist. The social security refund base is € 64.50 and the reimbursement rate is 70%. The social security will thus reimburse 45.15 € for 500 € disbursed (454.85 € remain at your expense). If, in the context of your insurance contract, your mutual support dental devices up to 300% of the reimbursement basis, your actual reimbursement will be 300% of the social security reimbursement basis say € 193.50 (3 times € 64.50 ). Your total reimbursement will be € 238.65 per € 500 disbursed (depending on the rest: € 261.35).

There are different types of mutual health insurance contracts

Some contracts are packaged, but most mutual health insurance contracts are flexible. You can, therefore, select the desired repayment levels per reimbursement item (regular, dental, optical, hospitalization). You can, for example, choose a moderate reimbursement in optics, but more importantly in the case of dental care, according to your needs and your habits.

Being well advised is essential.

The rate of your mutual health will depend on the benefits chosen, but also on your age, your professional situation and the composition of your family. In order to choose the right insurance contract and in view of the complexity and variety of the offers in the market, we believe that it is essential to compare offers and benefit from the advice of a health expert who will propose contracts tailored to your situation.

How does it work?

Our goal is simple: Put you in touch with insurance professionals so that you can choose the insurance that best suits you at the best price.

Want to save money on your insurance contracts?

Are insurance contracts too expensive? Are they no longer suited to your situation?

We propose to put you in touch with experts who will guide you in choosing the right insurance and save up to 2500 euros per year, depending on the product you want.


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